The best way to enjoy a destination is discovering it from the locals who are living  there. Let yourself  be led to those hidden places by the people who know them in detail. Local visits greatly enrich your travel experiences, as they provide a high and appreciated human factor.

The Huelva Guides Association members are more than guides, they are interpreters of the Heritage. What is the point of knowing about the dates and names if we do not inquire into the whys?

You can ask for visits already designed for arranged groups or, if you are an independent traveller, we are open to proposals for more private and personal experiences.

It may also be that, being an Onubense (being from Huelva), you want to deepen your knowledge or rediscover your LAND. LAND in capital letters, yes, because we love it and we are part of it.

And we invite you to know it … are you in?

Take a look at the following weekly visits which we can offer to you at  different levels: street, monument and heart levels.


On a pleasant walk, with organized breaks, you will discover Bollullos Par del Condado. You will know the history, the characters, the traditions and the tasty gastronomy of this special land. But, especially, you will fall in love with its old and elegant wineries, where the fruity wines, the soleras and the generous wines macerate and sleep. In its flirty alleys you will relive the lost memories. In its squares and monuments, you will dream of an amazing eternal past . In their stately houses you will meet another way of life, to follow the rhythm of the heart, the sun and the light. Come with us and you will discover a Bollullos … Peerless in the County.



On the left bank of the river Tinto, near its mouth, it began putting together the Discovery of America in the XV century. From Moguer were the Niño Brothers, their caravel, and one of the most impressive buildings where Columbus found support: the Monastery of Santa Clara. And, if in 1492 this city helped unite two continents, its most celebrity writer did it once again with his writings in more modern times: Juan Ramón Jiménez. You cannot refuse to know this indispensable Columbian place, from its heart to the house where Platero’s father was born.


We propose a route through Palos de la Frontera in order to enjoy places that witnessed unique historical events; as for instance, the departure of the three ships that first arrived America in 1492, led by Christopher Columbus and the Pinzón Brothers. Walking around here with us is to discover the experiences and adventures of sailors and merchants from Palos. We will visit the Martín Alonso Pinzón House Museum and the Naval Museum. Many sons of this town were protagonists of great epics that you can discover like a fascinating trip to the New World.


Do you want to visit the most famous village in Spain? The place where the most popular pilgrimage in the world is held? In this Tour through El Rocío you will walk through the picturesque village next to the Guadalquivir Marshes, in the Doñana National Park. It is a singular enclave with the typical appearance of an Andalusian white town, proper of the old Kingdom of Seville. We will approach the Hermitage of the Virgin, already mentioned by the King Alfonso XI in his “Book of Montería”. You will know the origin of this peculiar pilgrimage dated in the 13th century. Are you coming to Huelva? Then you have a must here!



Huelva fell in love with art Nouveau at the turning of the 19th to 20th century. On times, the high society made a habit of wasting gallantry by building modernist palaces. However, after a few first decades marked by this artistic style, Andalusian regionalism emerged as a response in order to preserve the essence of this land. Huelva city center is a permanent struggle of both styles, a beautiful collection of palaces which recall one of the best times in the city. Would you like to know some of these special places?


Ayamonte is historical and monumental. Located in the last section of the Guadiana, in front of the Algarve, the “Puerta de España” boasts a good historical and artistic legacy with pieces of all cultures which flourished in the Peninsula South. La Ribera, its neuralgic center, shows a strong Indian character. On Tuesdays we walk it focusing on the overseas legacy and the protagonists of the Indies. We do it wrapped in a cosmopolitan and open environment, through regionalist design spaces with buildings which tell its history.



It was a relevant place in the Andalusi period, and the capital of the Niebla County. Its streets entail great stories which we want to tell you on this pleasant walk through its historic center. Among other places, we will visit the Hospital de los Ángeles (museum), and the Iglesia de La Granada (exterior), a temple built on the main mosque. We will end with an optional visit to the Castillo de los Guzmanes, one of the main monumental remains of the Duchy of Medina Sidonia.


For almost a century, mining development in the Huelva region of Andévalo greatly influenced the economy and society of the city. Come and discover with us the impact that this influence have had on the appearance of the city, its culture, the rise of the port, and countless anecdotes related to “British Huelva”.


Although Ayamonte has its center on the river Guadiana banks, it was born in the surroundings of the castle which in the old days, guarded the safety of this border town. From there, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the river and the eastern Algarve that takes your breath away. Its oldest borough, La Villa, is a white lime blanket that descends from the primitive Church of El Salvador to the banks of the river. And since the idiosyncrasy of any population is not understood without fully entering its origins, we believe that paying a visit to La Villa is essential to understand Ayamonte.



Every 7 years, Almonte lives an event eagerly awaited. The town is embellished to receive its Patroness, the Virgen del Rocío. The White Dove is carried on the locals shoulders alongside Los Llanos path, while the shotgun shells break the calm of Doñana. Upon her arrival, she takes a tour by the adorned streets to the Parroquia de la Asunción, where she will stay for 9 months. We encourage you to walk through the urban section, imbuing yourself in the local environment.



These routes are always open and you are the one who chooses the day, time and type of route you want to take. 
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These routes have been created by the guides of AGUIP Huelva, who are responsible for their sale and provision. AGUIP only promotes its associates and canalize reservations. If you want to sign up for any of these activities, fill out the form indicating the service you want and we will put you in touch with the most appropriate guide and then, you can deal with it directly. Prices, timetables and languages ​​are variable according to routes; you may ask for those you can prefer  and we’ll give you the info with no compromise. All these routes are at destination, without transportation, and lasting  2 hours approx.
Once you join us for one of these visits, you’ll realise that our work is vocational, warm and sincere. It will be a pleasure to welcome and show you our home!

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